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Wasps are predacious insects in tibia that are in the grasslands and forests with Tibia. Using their poisonous impact they attack other animals. While they are very quick it is impossible to flee at their store in tibia. If you hear their awesome buzz, it is too later to escape. As their defence is quite weak you should try to undertake the first strike in tibia.

Wasps have 35 hp. in tibia. They're just immune to earth damage. Conversely, they are weak against hearth damage. It takes 280 mana to help summon or convince these wildlife in tibia.

Wasps treat you with 24 experience points. They rarely carry items using them in tibia.

Water Elementals

Water Elementals are as powerful in tibia like a tidal wave and as moody for the reason that sea that gave birth in order to them. Their interest in our presence in tibia is limited at best plus they are usually summoned by sorcerers than materialising on their own. The apparently uncontrolled Water Elementals find a way to follow no purpose that we mortals could comprehend. Some sorcerers believe they react hostile to living creatures in tibia all around health feel offended by all the water a living creature contains in tibia. Although enigmatic into their motivation, they are indisputably intelligent and possess several spells that centre around h2o, poison and cold in tibia.

Water Elementals have 550 health in tibia. They are immune to fire, earth, and ice damage and can not be paralyzed. Moreover, they are good against physical, holy, and loss of life damage. On the other hands, they are weak against electricity damage. These creatures can nor be summoned nor convinced. Also, they are able to feeling invisible creatures in tibia characters.

Water Elementals treat you with 650 exp points. They will carry gold coins, platinum coins, fish, strong health potions, good mana potions, and sometimes other items with them in tibia.


Werewolves are humans under a curse in tibia several them to lose control above their inner beasts in tibia. At first, the transformation takes only place at full moon as well as victim retransforms to its human appearance at the next morning. In the course of time, the transformation starts more plus much more early and lasts a bit longer. At a certain point, the beast takes over and there is absolutely no return. The human part will be washed away by rage and primal instincts. The cursed person has became a savage Werewolf permanently in tibia.
Werewolves are ferocious beasts who like the thrill of a hunt in tibia. They may be unnatural born hunters that have many traits of a wolf, but much more unsafe and lethal. Like wolves, a Werewolf claims a sizable hunting ground as its own and everything alive sometimes appears as a suitable prey. In contrast to wolves, werewolves do not only look for food, but also for the thrill belonging to the hunt itself. Their magical design makes them extremely resistant plus their regeneration powers are renowned in tibia.
The curse of the Werewolf will likely be spread by the infectious catch of other werewolves in tibia. Forbidden books tell about solutions that allow to turn somebody into a Werewolf through dark rites. Some rotten individuals even name the curse upon themselves from the hope to use their new powers as a way to take revenge for some injustice or even insult in tibia.

Werewolves have 1955 hp. . They can be paralyzed. Moreover, they are strong against earth, energy, and also death damage in tibia. On the various other hand, they are weak towards fire, ice, and holy traumas in tibia. These creatures can neither become summoned nor convinced. In inclusion, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Werewolves treat you with 1900 exp points in tibia. These people carry gold coins, plate shields, werewolf fur, and sometimes other stuff in tibia.

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